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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
       It's amazing the difference a clean house can make! Living on my own and working full time, I just didn't see the point of spending hours cleaning. But when my sister visited she was mortified by the state of the place and told me I needed to hire a cleaner. Her reaction prompted me to take action and I hired the house cleaning team at Cleaners-Battersea. I'm so glad that I did! Now I love coming home to my lovely clean house.    
George Rowney 10/02/2016

       I love buying second-hand furniture because you can get a really good deal on them. I bought a new sofa recently for a great price but became disheartened when I couldn't remove a stain. It was disappointing but I didn't give up. I got Cleaners Battersea on the phone and had them send a cleaner. She was able to get rid of the stain with ease, and because of the prices they charged, I am still saving on buying second hand. I will keep their number handy for the future.    
Ewan Fitzpatrick 31/07/2015

       I wanted a one off house clean to help catch up with those tasks you never get around to. I was very happy with the cleaning services of Battersea Cleaners. They were easy to deal with and supplied a great service. The cleaners were dedicated and meticulous and covered every detail. Nothing was missed, under beds, wardrobe tops, door knobs and light switches were all polished and cleaned. The service was excellent, the office were helpful and the charges fair. I have decided to use the cleaning service every month as they made such a great job of cleaning my home.    
Susan Hook27/02/2015

       It was such a relief after a few cleaning disasters to come across Battersea Cleaners. They had come highly recommended by a neighbour of mine who had wanted some house cleaning done and had received great work from them. Personally I couldn't fault the cleaner I was sent. Polite, kind, efficient and, over the last few weeks, they've proven themselves to be totally trustworthy too. This is the kind of cleaning service I've always wanted. I'd recommend them to anyone and I often do too! A pleasure to do business with.    

       We would be the first to admit that, as a house, we're not the tidiest individuals, especially when we host one of our parties! The landlord had given us short notice of his arrival, and we simply didn't have the time to clean the house ourselves, so we called up Battersea Cleaners, who came very highly recommended from an equally messy friend! When we got back from work, we couldn't believe the difference in the house, everything was sparkling and glistening!! Definitely kept the landlord off our back, and we will certainly be using these cleaners again! Fast, efficient, and surprisingly inexpensive!    

       There are times in life where you've got to take a calculated risk, and hiring a cleaner when you need one is one of those times. I had no idea whether hiring Battersea Cleaners would pay off. Inviting strangers into my home to do my cleaning for me is something that I had never been sure about, my mind was changed when they arrived. The cleaning staff were so professional in both their attitude and technique, that my worries melted away! By the end of it, my home looked fantastic, and I was already on the phone recommending it to my friends. Give them a chance, everyone!    
Nick R.21/08/2014

       Towards the end of my tenancy, I was getting worried about getting my deposit back. I heard from a few friends and family members that if the house wasn't clean enough, I wouldn't get it all back. I found Battersea Cleaners and saw that they did an affordable end of tenancy cleaning service. My cleaner was great! She arrived promptly and knew exactly what to do. She even took care of the stains that I haven't been able to get rid of all year! Thanks to her help, I got all of my deposit back with no trouble at all.    

       I was moving home and needed a cleaning service to clean my empty house for its new owners. After we have removed all of the fixtures and fitting the place had a lot of dirt and grime behind the appliances. I was quite ashamed, but didn't have any spare time to sort it. So after a friend's recommendation, I hired Battersea Cleaners, to get the job done. All I can say is that the cleaners were hard working and they did a great job and scrubbed and cleaned everything meticulously. The results were great and the house looks so clean and smells so fresh.    
Millie Potter12/06/2014

       I was moving home and needed a complete house clean from top to bottom before the new tenants moved in. Battersea Cleaners came and accessed the situation, and gave me a price that I was very happy with. I booked a cleaning service that covered the windows and a detailed clean where they cleaned door knobs, under beds and on top of wardrobes. The team turned up on time armed with cleaning equipment and simply set to work. I took most of the day for them to do this detailed service but the end result was marvelous. The place looks so neat and tidy, thanks.    
Sharon M.26/05/2014

       I will be using Battersea Cleaners for as long as they are giving me the excellent service that they do so well! I am a massive fan of theirs, and hope that this little recommendation will get them the recognition that they deserve! In all honesty I was blown away by how good they were on the first time I used them that I have been getting them back every week for a few months now, and it has never changed! The price is very reasonable, and the cleaning is great, so what more could you possibly want form a cleaning team!?    
Angela Peterson14/05/2014

       I am a big fan of a good cleaning team, and I have found an excellent one in Battersea Cleaners. They really have made everything that little bit easier overall for me, and I am very glad that I stumbled across them! I know that it is hard to work out whether a cleaning company is good based on their advertising or their website, and this is why I felt it worth coming on her to say that everyone should try them out! Seriously great work, for a really good price, I was really happy, thank you so much!    
Emily J.29/04/2014

       A really great and reliable service, the best I've come across of its kind. I splashed out on a team of cleaners to complete all of my end of lease cleaning because I was moving out of my apartment and I really couldn't be bothered cleaning it top to bottom, and by booking the cleaners myself I avoided my landlord ripping me off and the cleaning service and it was really very affordable. Everybody from Battersea Cleaners worked incredibly hard and I'd be happy to recommend them to anybody. The cleaners were fantastic fun and had great personality with a superb work ethic.    
Tom S.08/04/2014

       There's nothing better, really, than coming home from a long day in work and knowing that you have a clean and tidy environment in which to relax. I work in a high pressure situation with a lot of time spent on my feet. The ability to just come home and sit down without having to worry about cleaning is incredible. That is why I wanted to thank Battersea Cleaners. Not only have they helped me enjoy a cleaner home, but they've made my work easier as it's now easier to relax in my own home. Really great service.    
Diana Thompson19/03/2014

       I hired Battersea Cleaners to provide a routine house cleaning service. I didn't have the time any longer to provide a thorough clean for my home, but the dust and dirt was building. I heard great reviews about Battersea Cleaners from a friend and decided to use their services. They offered routine home cleaning that was thorough and affordable. Each week, a staff comes to clean my home. They bring all the necessary cleaning supplies and are always prompt and efficient. Their prices are affordable so I don't have to sacrifice affordability for a clean home. I couldn't be happier with their service and I would definitely give them a great recommendation.    
John Hudson18/02/2014

       When we approached Battersea Cleaners to take over our office-cleaning contract we had some pretty specific requests and hefty manpower requirements that we didn't think they would be able to fulfill. How wrong we were; these guys have handled our office for about eighteen months now and they make it look like child's play. The staff are polite and smartly dressed; we barely even notice they are there, but when you do you realise they are continually working. They honestly don't seem to stop, and it is reflected by the state of our office. Quite literally!    
John Fairweather30/01/2014

       I'm in love with this cleaning service! I've always used professional cleaning companies for as long as I can remember but Battersea Cleaners is definitely the best service I've come across! I really don't know how my cleaner manages to get my house as clean as she does, but I swear it's nothing short of a miracle! My home always looks fantastic and my guests are always commenting on how amazingly clean everything is. I love having professional cleaners in and this company is by far the best service I've seen anywhere. Great staff that always do a wonderful job!    

       What an amazing cleaning service! From the minute the house cleaner from Battersea Cleaners stepped through the door it was all business, but she was still really lovely, polite and friendly. I have no idea how she managed to get my kitchen as clean as she did, and all those finicky jobs that I dread doing were done to a great standard in no time at all! This is an incredible cleaning service, definitely worth a try if you want a cleaner house without having to put in any effort! I'm now a regular customer and tell all of my friends!    

       I really felt like I was going mad, rushing home from work and trying to fit in an hour of cleaning which only managed to make the place look passable rather than actually clean. But then my colleague recommended Battersea Cleaners, so I gave them a call and got them round for a few weeks for a trial. The results were superb and I now utilise their excellent service on a weekly basis. I no longer need to rush home from work, unless I want a bit of extra time in my sparkling apartment! A thoroughly recommended service.    
Paul Dudbury28/11/2013

       I am really happy to say that I used Battersea Cleaners recently, and they were excellent. I needed my house professionally cleaned, as I was moving out, and the contract stipulated that it needed to be spotless. I got exactly what I needed, and for much less than I expected to pay! The team that came round were nice and polite, and very very quick, the whole place was done within about three hours! A miracle, I did not lose any of my deposit, as they cleaned the place up so well!    
D. Waldorf18/11/2013

       Understandably, I had reservations about getting a cleaner in. I'm not the type to just be letting strangers in to the flat when I have to head out to work, but it seemed necessary, as the place had gotten a bit neglected after I took on a new job. I used Battersea Cleaners because they had a solid presence, and I figured that if they were well known, they were likely to be more trustworthy. So far I have not had a single problem, and would recommend them to anyone who may have had similar reservations to mine.    
J. Frank08/11/2013

       I'm a salesman, and I usually spend most of my time travelling. I really struggle to carve out any sort of time to get my house properly clean. I'm alright at the casual cleaning up after myself, but the really deep, spring-clean style level of cleanliness is really hard to achieve. Battersea Cleaners have managed to sort this out for me. I gave them a call and within a week, my house was pretty much brand new. I don't really go out of my way to single out companies, but these guys went above and beyond. Certainly will be using them again.    
Joshua M.24/10/2013

       My work, my social life, my wife, my kids, my car, my dogs - I can't remember the last time we had any time to just relax. But thanks to Battersea Cleaners, we've managed to find that time. The services offered by this company mean that me and my wife don't have to worry about spending our lives making sure that the house is in a fit state, as Battersea Cleaners mean that the house is pretty much perfect. Cleaning, dusting, wiping. It makes such a difference and lets us spend more time together as a family. Thanks!    
W. Miles14/10/2013